Monday, October 22, 2018

Cycle Safety

For the first time ever West End Schools Puawaitanga Team did safe cycling with Phil.
Phil came in for the first week of term 4 to work with us on our cycling skills
Here are some recounts written by Room 13 students.

On Wednesday, we went cycling, just practicing though. Here is some stuff I learnt when doing this. Always look forward when cycling. When in New Zealand ride on the left side of the road. Always wear covered shoes. Use both brakes when stopping so you don't lean forward or backwards. Put your hand out the way you are going to turn before you turn. When riding behind another bike stay 2 seconds away from the person in front of you, so when they stop you don't crash into the person in front of you. The give way sign means you give way to people. The stop sign means to stop and check around you before turning or carrying on going straight. This is how to start a bike. One foot on the ground, put your right foot on the pedal, the pedal has to be up. When you are stopping put your right hand up to tell people in cars you are stopping. And after Wednesday, on the Thursday we biked around a intersection, but not a real one, a chalk one. 
By Nathan

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