Monday, October 22, 2018

Cycle Safety

For the first time ever West End Schools Puawaitanga Team did safe cycling with Phil.
Phil came in for the first week of term 4 to work with us on our cycling skills
Here are some recounts written by Room 13 students.

On Wednesday, we went cycling, just practicing though. Here is some stuff I learnt when doing this. Always look forward when cycling. When in New Zealand ride on the left side of the road. Always wear covered shoes. Use both brakes when stopping so you don't lean forward or backwards. Put your hand out the way you are going to turn before you turn. When riding behind another bike stay 2 seconds away from the person in front of you, so when they stop you don't crash into the person in front of you. The give way sign means you give way to people. The stop sign means to stop and check around you before turning or carrying on going straight. This is how to start a bike. One foot on the ground, put your right foot on the pedal, the pedal has to be up. When you are stopping put your right hand up to tell people in cars you are stopping. And after Wednesday, on the Thursday we biked around a intersection, but not a real one, a chalk one. 
By Nathan

Monday, October 15, 2018

Our Hybrid Animals

Check out the reports we wrote about our hybrid animals.
We think they look and sound pretty cool.

My hybrid animal is a Dog Monkey it lives in the air.
It eats heat.
It does jumping.It likes to sleep under the big cave tunnel.
A dog Monkey is swinging, it is good at swinging.
It has a big cave up in the sky.
By Tyreece

Pittiger (pitbull and tiger) he lives in the enchanted forest. He sleeps in a Crystal cave. He eats pack rats and rotten meat. He climbs the trees every day. His cave is made out of diamonds. His legs are made out of metal. He can run up 100 kilometers. He can run faster than a cheetah.
By Brooklyn

A Pigaroo is found in New Jersey. It lives in a farm yard. A Pigaroo eats hay and carrots, and it likes to roll in the mud for 60 minutes. It can jump up to 100 meters high. It lives up to 80 long years. It searches the seaside for land for hours to find food.
By Caelyn

My hybrid animal is a Kion. It is a kiwi and a lion.The Kion can only be found in New Zealand and Africa. You can only find it in jungles or bushes. The Kion likes meat and bugs. The Kion sleeps often and hunts at night. The Kion is super rear. It can live up to 10000 years. It really soft. There are only two still alive. It is scared of people.
By Liam

My Hybrid Animal is a Scat, a Scat is half seahorse and half cat. All the scats live in England at the bottom of the sea, in a cave. Scats are pretty lazy because they mostly sleep and eat all day and it eats rotten fish they find  and other things that it finds. They are pretty lazy for the King and Queen of under water things. 
The other Scats come and see the King and Queen juggle with rocks and can do one hundred somersaults in a row the other Scats love the tricks and other thing, the King and Queen did. 
They also have to have babies. they have a cat face and their body is a seahorse. And they feed there children more than they feed them self's. 
The Scats are pretty weird. And they do not die of old age. So now know you what Scats are.
By Madeleine

The Croco Mouse is a dangerous creature. 
It eats cheese and meat.
It plays under the trees,runs faster than a cat.
It lives up to twenty weeks. 
Its from Africa, it can jump 12 metres to catch its prey.
When its cold it runs around.
By Maheswar

Wolf bod

It can fly 111 kilometers per hour.       

It eats human meat!

It lives in New Zealand.

If you do not see it in New Zealand you should keep on looking.

It lives in a cave.

You shouldn't be looking for it!

You could get eaten by it.  

By Marshall

In New Zealand lives a Catabrid. It is a cat and a bird. The Catabrid lives in a nest on the top of a mountain. It can live up to 500 years old and eats meat, fish and cookies. It can fly, sing, talk and run. It can also do all magic like control water, birds and cats. It can jump 200 meters high. The Catabrid is a cute animal. This animal can be a pet.
By Mikayla

Catcorn is only found in New Zealand, its habitat is in the Forest trees. It eats bananas, bread and apples.

It likes to sleep. They are the funny and dangerous animals.

Its jump is ten kilometers long. It can run
eighty-one metres per hour.

It only sleeps once every ten days and its claws are really sharp so that it can cut and scratch.

By Regal

Catog is found in New Jersey and it lives in the jungle.
It runs for five minutes a day and it can be a good catcher and a good hunter.
It eats people as well as mice. Its teeth are as sharp as a crocodiles teeth. His teeth can bite through a whole cat, mice, a dog and even a giraffe.

By Sophia

Eagtiger  is a tiger and a eagle. It lives in the USA.
It sleeps up in tree in the forest.

It eats meat and worms from the floor of the forest.
It flies 50 metres per hour  and runs all day around to get meat and it can jump so high.

It can live up to 50 yeas old. 
It can smell its prey from 1000 metres away.
By Isabell

The Tibra (Tiger and Zebra) is a very rear animal and only 2 of the species have been found. The Tibra can live up to 30 years old and can run up to speeds of 200 km (kilometers) an hour. They are usually found sleeping under shady trees. They are only found in the hot sunny grasslands in Africa. The Tibra eats rotten meat and grass. The Tibra likes to scratch at trees.
By Luke O

A monkey cat lives in dark caves in New Zealand. Its diet is cat food, chocolate, bananas and it drinks milk.

My animal steals, eats, is lazy and is always up to something bad.
It is very fast like a mummy cheetah,  it is really loud.
It also loves the forest, it can live up to 80 years.

By Makayla

The Sharkadie is found in the oceans and the skies of New Zealand and South Africa.
When on land it is found in the savannahs and the forest.
The Sharkadile eats everything it finds.
Its habits are hunting, swimming and flying. They are super smart. Their top speed is about 400km per hour.
The Sharkadile is a mix of a crocodile, a Mako shark and a bird (any bird).
It is a mammal. It can fly, breath underwater and it can glide and walk normally.
By Nathan

Pugarex lives in Russia and it lives in cold snow. It eats dog food and meat and bones.

It sleeps a lot an eats a lot an it lives up to 48 years and it runs up to 13km an hour.
Its a mammal an it has very sharp teeth like a tiger and it kills it prey silently.
It will destroy every thing in it's way like a building and it like tummy rubs.  

By Hunter

Wigers can be found in South America. Some live in dark scary caves and some live in the bright sunny forests.They love to eat meat, fruit, sheep and bunnies. In their spare time they hunt for some food or just roar. They can run up to 15 kilometers an hour. They can live up to 71 years old and still hunt. Wigers have a furry wolf head and tiger body. They also have black and white strips. They have yellow sharp teeth and their claws can hold on to a snowy mountain.
By Darius

My hybrid animal is  a blue bird. It is a mix of a shark and a bird. It lives in New Zealand  and Australia. It eats road kill and lizards. It lives on land on the beach. It can't breath on land but it can still survive. It plays fortnight. It jumps 20kms at a time. It flies under water.
By Lynkin

My animal that I combined is a sea horse and a panda I called is a sea panda.
The location it is found is the rainbow woods and the habit it lives in is large caves.
Its diet is salmon, fish eggs and dead coral.
It habits are it camouflages on coral.
Some facts- it squeezes its prey, it lives up to 50 years and its the fastest animal in the sea. It is also the rarest animal in the country.
By Lia