Thursday, October 17, 2019


Dear Whānau,
Welcome back!

Term 4 is a busy one and it would be great if you could ask your tamariki to share some things they are learning with you. 

Next week we are looking at solving mazes and giving directions in maths. Encourage your child to use language such as left, right, over, under, near, far, to describe where objects are in relation to each other. Ask your child to describe the path they would follow to get out of their room if there was a fire. Ask them to describe the route they take to get to school. Using this kind of language helps to develop the maths ideas.

We are continuing on with our Inquiry theme from last term and integrating a lot of Digital Technology here too. Our school Athletics will be held in Week 6 and we are preparing for that with a couple of practices a week (weather depending, thanks Palmy).

I hope you enjoyed a restful break and I look forward to our final term together this year.

Whaea Zarnia